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FamilyGTG App Overview tree
FamilyGTG is an app (currently available for Android) which allows users to fully view GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) files.
Add your family file tree
Choose GEDCOM family file tree
The GEDCOM family file (*.ged) needs to be placed anywhere on the SD card of the device. Go to 'My Families' page, press 'Settings' button, choose 'Add Family' option. The device starts to search for all files with '.ged' extention and lists them. Select the desired family file, then app will load the family file. The new family will be added to the 'My Families' list.
Adjust members photos tree
If the GEDCOM family file references image files for members photos, then the referenced images files need to be placed directly beside the GEDCOM file 'before' adding the family. In case the family is already added without adjusting the members photos, the family can be removed and the family GEDCOM file can be added again.
Download sample family tree
By default, the app offers to download the sample family during the first app startup. And this can be triggered by going to 'My Families' page, pressing 'Settings' button and choosing 'Download Sample' option. The device must be connected to the internet before downloading the sample family. 'Kennedy' family is used as the app sample family.
Members tree
Search for a member by name tree
To search for a member by its first or last names, go to 'Members' page, press 'Search' button, and then start typing the name to search for. The members list will be filtered as the query characters are typed.
Show member's profile tree
Whenever a member name is selected, the member's profile page is shown. The profile page shows the following information:
- Parents, siblings, spouse, children.
- Birth, death, education info, etc.
- Photo. Check how to adjust members photos.
Bookmarks tree
Members can be marked for easy reference later. To add a members to bookmarks, long press on the member's name, select 'Add Bookmark' option. To remove a bookmark, go to 'Bookmarks' page, long press on a specific bookmark and choose 'Remove' option.
Family descendant tree tree
Descendant family tree can be shown. Long press on the member's name, select 'Show Tree' option to show the descendant tree starting from that memeber as the tree root. 3 generations are shown in portrait mode and 5 generation are shown in landscape mode. Arrows on the most left and right of the page are used to navigate up and down through the tree.
Gallery tree
The 'Gallery' page shows all members photos (if any). Browse photos by flinging to the right or to the left. Select a member photo to go to his or her profile page. Check how to adjust members photos.
Statistics tree
The 'Statistics' page shows some useful calculated information about the family like: number of males/females, and number of generations.